How Magus can help you to register a Trust in India?

Magus can help you with to register a Trust for you, as and when required, in a hassle-free manner within a reasonable time span and for competitive professional fee. To know more, please book a telephonic appointment with one of our consultants free of charge.

What is the procedure to register a Trust in India?

The broad process of registering a Trust involves following steps: STEP 1 : Provision of requisite mentioned documents/information to us STEP 2 : Validating the documents/ information and processing the same STEP 3 : Filing of application and submission of the same STEP 4 : Payment of appropriate government fee as applicable STEP 5 : Processing of the application and issuance of registration certificate

What are some basic/ key documents required to register a Trust in India?

PAN Card (All the Members) ID Proof (All the Members)(Passport/ Voter ID/ Aadhar Card/ Driving License) Address Proof (All the Members)(Telephone Bill/ Mobile Bill/ Savings Bank Statement) Passport size Photograph (All the Members) *All the documents mentioned above in point no 1 to 3 need to be self-signed by the respective proposed directors/ members/ shareholders *All the utility bills or bank statements shall be less the 2 months old

What is the validity criteria of a Trust?

Before proceeding to trust registration, you should know whether your trust is a valid trust. The state public trust laws do not state any essential ingredients of a valid trust. However, the Indian Trusts Act, 1882 which governs private trust states that a valid trust must: Have a lawful purpose. Be for a beneficiary. Contain a property as its subject-matter. Such property must be transferable to the beneficiary. Be the creation of a person who is competent to contract. Have a written and signed document for immovable property. Appoint at least two trustees. Have one settler. Be for an object...