What is the procedure to obtain Shop & Establishment Registration?

The broad process of obtaining Shop & Establishment Registration involves following steps: STEP 1: Provision of requisite mentioned documents/information to us STEP 2: Validating the documents/ information and processing the same STEP 3: Filing of application and submission of the same in online/offline manner, as the case may be STEP 4: Payment of appropriate government fee as applicable STEP 5: Processing of the application and issuance of registration certificate

What are the documents/information required for Shop & Establishment Registration?

Photograph of the shop or establishment at the entrance with sign board both in English language as well as vernacular language. Any registration certificate of an organization such as Certification of Incorporation/Partnership Deed/GST Registration Certificate/Trade License. Rent agreement and any utility bill of the registered office address of the organization. PAN card of the organization and all the Directors/Partners/Proprietor. Bank statement (with Current transactions) of the organization along with 1 cancelled cheque. Digital Signature of the applicant/authorized signatory. Head office and branch office details Type of business activity Nature of business Total employee strength Employees’ basic details such as Aadhar...