What are the various grounds of objections?

The grounds of objections can be broadly classified into three categories Absolute Grounds of Refusal The TM Department may outrightly refuse the application where the applied Trademark is without of any distinctive character, or contains the characteristics of the goods/ services, or deceive the public or cause confusion, or hurt the sentiments of any religion, scandalous or obscene matter, or prohibited word. Relative grounds of Refusal The TM department issues such objections where the applied Trademark is identical or similar with an earlier applied Trademark or an existing registered Trademark, and the same may create confusion among the public in...

What are the types of Examination Report?

The Examination Report are of two types With objections:  The Examination Report contains the objections on which the mark can be refused. Without objections: The Examination Report does not contain any objections, and can be construed as an acceptance of the TM application by the TM department.