What is the procedure to register a Public Limited Company?

The broad process of registering a Public Limited company involves following steps: STEP 1 : Provision of requisite mentioned documents/information to us STEP 2 : Validating the documents/ information and processing the same STEP 3 : Filing of application and submission of the same in online manner STEP 4 : Payment of appropriate government fee as applicable STEP 5 : Processing of the application and issuance of registration certificate

What are some basic/ key documents required to incorporate a Public Limited Company in India?

PAN Card (All the Proposed Directors and/or Shareholders) ID Proof (All the Proposed Directors and/or Shareholders(Passport/ Voter ID/ Aadhar Card/ Driving License) Address Proof (All the Proposed Directors and/or Shareholders)(Telephone Bill/ Mobile Bill/ Savings Bank Statement) Passport size Photograph (All the Proposed Directors and/or Shareholders) Rent Agreement (For proposed company Address) Electricity bill A permission letter from the owner about use of his premises for registered office of the proposed company *All the documents mentioned above in point no 1 to 3 need to be self-signed by the respective proposed directors/ members/ shareholders *All the utility bills or bank statements...

What is a company shareholder?

Shareholders are the owners of companies limited by shares. As the beneficial owners of a limited company, they are not involved in day-to-day management or financial affairs.They are also called ‘members’ and they agree to become part of a company by taking a minimum of one share in it. The quantity of shares held by each person represents how much of the business they own.

Who are Directors of the company?

Directors are officers of the company who are responsible for managing the company and making the decisions as to its operation on a day to day basis, for the benefit of the shareholders.