What is the procedure to change the objects of a company?

Passing a board resolution for changing the objects of the company Amending the MOA of the company Preparation and passing a Special Resolution in the Extra-ordinary General Meeting of the company Preparation and filing of E-form 14 for registration of such change In case of a public company, following additional procedure need to be followed Special Resolution needs to be published in one English and one vernacular newspaper in the place where the registered office of the company is situated. Such details shall also be placed on the website of the company. The dissenting shareholders shall be given an opportunity...

What may be certain potential reasons behind change in objects of a company?

An existing company may change the objects of the company for the following reasons: The existing business becomes illegal due to change in law The partners of the Company wants to change the business voluntarily One of the objects mentioned is no longer required The partners want to add additional business object Any other reason requiring such change